Unpublished XP-Series



The POPE Professional® XP series is our first classic series processor.

We redesigned the total concept and incorporated our latest four layer " State-of-the-Art " mother board. Carefully sourced top quality components, like Cirrus Logic converters and Analog Devices Sharc DSP, that we programmed using accurate and precise algorithms. Also added extremely reliable Japanese Switching Power Supply that accepts voltages between 90 to 265 VAC.

The POPE Professional® XP series can be configured stand alone or remote controlled via the supplied POPE XP series software application GUI. This Graphic User Interface not only gives a clear overview off all settings, but at the same time provides you with real time hands on control over all your system parameters. For both fixed and touring applications, the XP series offers you reliable top high end quality sound.

Sub Woofer L-8A



• 2 in 6 out & 4 in 8 out configuration
• Supplied with POPE XP series software
• Connectivity RS232, USB and Ethernet
• 24 bit AD/DA converters
• Sampling rate 96 kHz – 40 bit floating point DSP
• 650ms Delay per Input and Output
• Crossovers, Compressors and Limiters
• 31 Band, 1/3 Octave GEQ per Input
• 8 Band PEQ per Input and Output
• Phase correction, 30 Presets, Password protection
• Up to 16 devices in one network
• 1U Rack design


• Live Sound
• Touring Concerts
• Club Systems
• Places of Worship
• Large Nightclubs
• Cinema Theaters


Model XP-2060 XP-4080
Article No. #10002 #10003
Class Digital Signal Processor
Front Panel Controls  
Display 2x16 Characters Backlit LCD
Level meters 5 Segment LEDs
Buttons 8 Mute/Channel Controls 12 Mute/Channel Controls
  6 System Menu Controls

1 Dial Encoder

Analog 3-pin XLR (two female for input & six male for output) XP-2060
3-pin XLR (four female for input & eight male for output) XP-4080
RS-232 Female DB-9
USB Type B
Ethernet RJ-45 Female
Power Standard IEC Socket
Input Impedance >10k Ohms
Output Impedance 50 Ohms
Maximum Level +20dBu
Type Electronically balanced
Audio Performance  
Frequency Response +/- 0.1dB (20 to 30kHz)
Dynamic Range 115 dB typ (unweighted)
CMMR >100dB (50 to 10kHz)
Crosstalk < -100dB
Distortion 0.002% (1kHz @ +4dBu)
Digital Audio Performance  
Processor (DSP) 40-Bit Floating Point
Sampling Rate 96kHz
Analog Converters Super Performance 24-bit
Propogation Delay 1.5ms
Audio Control Parameters  
Gain -40 to +15dB in 0.25 dB steps
Polarity + / -
Delay Up to 650 ms per I/O
Variable Equalizers 8 per I/O
Type Parametric, Hi-shelf, Lo-self, Phase (1st and 2nd order)
Gain -30 to +15dB in 0.25dB steps
Bandwidth 0.02 to 2.50 Oct (Q=0.5 to 72)
Graphic EQ 1 per Input, 31 Band 1/3 Oct steps
Crossover 2 Individual filters per I/O
Type Butterworth, Linkwitz Riley, Bessel
Slopes 6 to 48dB per Octave
Compressors and Limiters  
Compressor One per input channel
Limiter One per output channel
Threshold -20 to +20dBu
Attack 0.3 to 100ms
Release 2 to 32x the attack time
Ratio 1:1 to 1:40 (Compressor Only)
System Parameters  
No. Of Programs 30
Delay Units Millisecond, Feet, Meter
Frequency Mode 36 steps/Oct, 1Hz Resolution
Security locks Password
Channel names 6 Characters
Power 90-265 VAC (50/60Hz) – 20VA
Dimensions (H x W x D) 44mm x 483mm x 229 mm
Weight 4.6 Kg (10.13 lbs)